Materials and equipments

To ensure that each item is well protected, JVK uses international standard materials specific to each type of move. We are environmentally conscious using packing boxes a maximum of 3 times before recycling, thereby reducing wastage while still maintaining a high standard of quality assurance

Materials used:

  • Various sizes of cardboard cartons
  • Flat-pack and hanging wardrobes
  • Protective Furniture pads and Blankets (for domestic removal services)
  • Different sized plastic crates (for domestic removal service).
  • Custom built wooden crates for T.V's, motorcycles, bicycles etc
  • Specialized wooden crates to protect art works & antiques .
  • Shock resistant & shock absorbing poly bubble wrap
  • Custom wrapping for high value items
  • Plastic wrapping to protect delicate and soft furnishings
  • Mattress protector Bags

Equipment used:

  • Trolleys with rubber wheels
  • hydraulic lifts
  • Cranes
  • cargo straps & bands
  • Moving dollies
  • Floor runners