Data Privacy Protection

 The Company has policy to protect the benefit, secret of the company and the customer.
 Information, such as company business, financial, personnel and the customer personal data
 must not release without authorization by then Management. Information mentioned in this
 procedure must be kept secret all the time during employing or after resign.

 Data that consider to be protected for privacy are:

 Customer: Name, bio data, telephone, address both at origin and destination country,
 e-mail, employer and other personal data. To assure the quality of the data, the customer
 should review their data is correct. According to our ISO procedure and FIDI FAIM
 requirement the customer data will keep for 5 years and will be completely destroy, hard
 copy will be shredded and an electronic data will permanently delete from the server.
 Customer data that is only necessary for the moving process will be given to the destination
 agent or the origin agent, beside this customer consent is needed before releasing the data.

 Company: business operating, working procedure to include QM, PM, WI. The Customer
 list, Vendor List, service rate and cost, The Service contract.

Usage of Customer data:

 Customer data that need for servicing purpose can collect and use for servicing that customer
 only and must not disclose to other third party. JVK staff must not persuade or insist the
 customer to provide the data that is not necessary for servicing. Customer data can use on:

  1. JVK CRM program
  2. Inquiry
  3. Quotation
  4. Service Order
  5. Customer file
  6. Packing List, loading sheet, weight ticket
  7. Shipping document and export and import permit, if any
  8. Selected destination agent
  9. Invoicing
  10. Insurance purpose
  11. Service evaluation
Access thru customer data:

1. Person that can access thru customer data in the server is:
  1.1 The Management
  1.2 Admin of IT appoints and assign by the company
  1.3 Sales person and Sales support can only access the data of the customer they
    registered in JVK Systems and ongoing process of servicing to that customer
  1.4 The Manager of that Sales Department at the authorize level of work

2. Customer file can access by:
  2.1 Sales who operate that file
  2.2 Sales support
  2.3 Import & Export officer
  2.4 For accounting purpose to approve the invoice or direct cost

 The Management at all-time must assure that the data in the server are protected and only
 authorize person with password can view, print and use of the data on the Company Report
 as specific in the Procedure Manuals only. Sales person who is not own the customer file
 cannot access the data. Customer record cannot duplicate, share or print out on any other
 report and cannot import or export to EXCEL or other application.

 Internal auditor on Data Privacy Protection must do at every department at least twice a year.

 It is forbidden to disclose customer data to third party without approval by the VP. The
 request to disclose the data shall submit in written to the VP. The request shall advise the
 customer name, data that need to disclose and reason. VP decision must be signed on the
 request. VP’s decision is final and cannot appeal.

Company data must use for marketing and sales and servicing only. The data that can disclose is,
brochure, company profile only. Any other data or document need to receive approval from the
VP before releasing to third party.