Supply Chain Procedure

FIDI FAIM QUALITY Requirement on Supply Chain Process

 JVK International Movers Ltd. is committed to consistently improve their service quality to meet their
 customer expectation. It’s included the all aspect of process including to ensure a proper control of our
 supply chain as per FIDI FAIM quality requirements.

 Our supply chain management procedures are defined in our company documented procedures or Quality
 Manual which addressed the following:-

1. Service Provider Management

 (Selection and Approval of Service Providers)
 Our service providers are carefully selected based on defined criteria as per our documented
 procedure our Quality Manual. We use “approved vendor list: AVL” to ensure and to maintain high level
 quality of service for our corporate clients and customers.

Service provider = an individual or entity selected by JVK to provide specific services necessary for
customs brokers and any Third party service (electricians, piano specialist, etc.).

The Approved Service Providers are selected on:
  1. Quality level and performance,
  2. Specificities (Fine art for example),
  3. Price
  4. Business and commercial agreements / contracts,
  5. Solvability of the providers.
JVK internal process:
  1. Our move coordinator must provide clear and complete written instructions to our Service
    Provider, within the time allowed and FAIM deadline, including billing instructions and/or
    evidence of an on-going contract and written agreements with the clients (private or corporate).
  2. If our move coordinator or/and our crew manager identify a service failure (on Quality
    performance or deadbeats), he must immediately advise his manager who will investigate on the
    case resolution and define and active action plan and/or implement corrective measures with
    involved parties.

 The client must be aware of any service failure arising during his household goods shipment, by
 phone if urgent and by written confirmation / e-mail notification.

 The manager may call directly the client and/or our provider who fails in the service, if necessary.

 In case of poor service level, deadbeats or unprofessional conduct, the provider will be “blacklisted”
 on our approved list of service providers to make sure that our staff will not use his services anymore
 until he can demonstrate that he has acted and implemented corrective measures.

2. Quality Management

 As described in our documented Quality Policy, our Quality performance emphasizes on main following elements.

  1. We aim at a total customer satisfaction in all steps of his move, from the beginning / pre-move
    survey, packing up to the delivery (incl. customer services / claim process (if any).
  2. We seek to build long-term customer relationships through listening to and anticipating customer
    needs and expectations, and constantly improving the quality of our service aligned with FAIM
    Standard 3.1 awareness.
  3. Our trained and qualified staff continuously develops their knowledge and their skills for the
    benefit of all: our customers, corporate accounts, providers, partners, agents, and JVK
    management. We develop and improve our services through continuous learning and
  4. Security and effectiveness are also our priorities at all steps of our operations. Our goal is to
    mitigate all risks for our clients and his household goods, for JVK Staff and outsourced parties.
  5. By always respecting our ethical values, we adapt our resources to ensure our growth and
    development and maintain a sound financial base.
  6. All our activities and internal processes are implemented in conformity with our certifications:
    ISO9001 and with FIDI FAIM Standard 3.1 for Intercontinental Moving Services scope.
  7. We work in an ethical, honest, sound and responsible manner, by fulfilling legal commitments
    and respecting the environment in a spirit of sustainable development.

3. FAIM Standard Awareness

 As a FIDI affiliated company, it is critical that our service provider understand that all moves serviced
 on our behalf, are performed to the FAIM standard. This is communication to our Supply Chain through
 the Service Level of Agreement (SLA), e-mail communication and/or FIDI FAIM Quality Requirements as
 indicated in this document.

4. Escalation Process

  JVK commits to take immediately action to handle any issues that might arise in our Supply Chain
 which will impact to our service standard to our customer, such as, service from Supplier in the
 Supply Chain does not perform as agreed, i.e. delay, poor quality on the packing material, poor
 service, non-standard equipment, etc.

  The Customer complaint, Quality Checking on packing material, accident by truck/trailer or any
 other issue must be reported to VP and GM by e-mail within the same day of finding that issue. VP
 and GM then take action to correct and solve the problem ASAP, also set up the preventive action,
 assigned the responsibility person to follow up to assure the risk has been eliminate and report the
 result to VP, GM. In case that issue is jeopardizes to the customer satisfaction then GM must contact
 the customer to assure that the customer is happy with the corrective.
  Report this issue in the Management Meeting Review on January and July.

5. Data Privacy Protection Management

 We ensure that personal information is collected, used, retained, disclosed, and disposed of, in
 conformity with the commitments described in our documented Data (Privacy) Protection Policy.

 JVK Data (Privacy) Protection Management Procedure includes the following FAIM privacy principles:

  1. Management: We define, document, communicate, and assign accountability for our privacy
    policies and procedures.
  2. Notice: We provide notice about our privacy policies and procedures and identify the purposes
    for which personal information is collected, used, retained, and disclosed.
  3. Choice and Consent: We describe the choice available to the individual (private customer or
    corporate accounts) and obtain implicit or explicit consent with respect to the collection, use and
    disclosure of personal information.
  4. Collection: We collect personal information only for the purposes identified in the notice.
  5. Use, Retention, and Disposal: We limit the use of personal information to the purposes
    identified in the notice and for which the individual (private customer or corporate accounts) has
    provided implicit or explicit consent.
  6. Access: We provide individuals (private customer or corporate accounts) with access to their
    personal information for review and update.
  7. Disclosure to third parties: We disclose personal information to third parties only for the
    purposes identified in the notice and with the implicit or explicit consent of the individual.
  8. Security for privacy: We protect personal information against unauthorized access (both
    physical and logical).
  9. Quality: We maintain accurate, complete, and relevant personal information for the purposes
    identified in the notice.
  10. Monitoring and Enforcement: We monitor compliance with JVK privacy policies and procedure
    and how our procedures address privacy related complaint and disputes (with escalation Procedure).

6. Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption Management

 JVK International Movers Ltd. mitigates the risk of bribery and corruption in our Supply Chain.

 We demonstrate our commitment to a zero tolerance approach of bribery and corruption by signing
 the FIDI ABC Chapter that relates the following minimum topics:

  1. Risks: We perform risk assessment towards our Supply Chain to mitigate the risk of Bribery and
    Corruption. The Risk Evaluation Form will be sent to the vendor on AVL List at least once a year
    and request the vendor to send the Evaluation Form back to the VP only by register post or by e-mail.
    The vendors are well communicated to report any complaint arises from any of JVK staff,Purchasing Officer
    direct to the VP or GM for investigation, the complaint is considering secret and VP & GM will not release
    information to the relevant staff.
  2. Due Diligence: We take appropriate due diligence steps towards our Supply Chain to mitigate
    the risk of Bribery and Corruption
  3. Communication: We communicate our procedure to our Supply Chain to mitigate the risk of
    Bribery and Corruption, by a link in our e-mail and/or in our working/shipping instruction document.

Mitigation of Risk through reducing probability and impact
  JVK International Movers’ management is committed from a top-down and transparent approach, all
 bids and dealings can be openly viewed by the prepare of the quotation/bid and the senior management.
 Any out-of-the ordinary sightings, example extreme high profit margins, or extreme high closing ratio can
 be flagged up for scrutiny. This would mitigate such practices in the organization. Any extreme large bids
 would have to be brought to Managements attention. Payment to the supplier on AVL list must be paid
 by cheque, e-payment to the bank account under name of that supplier as shown on AVL only, no cash
 or split payment to 3rd party. Official receipt, VAT receipt must be issue to JVK.

What is Bribery?
  Bribery is the offering, promising, giving, accepting or soliciting of an advantage as an inducement
 for action. It is illegal, and it is a breach of trust.

  A bribe is an inducement or reward offered, promised or provided in order to gain a commercial,
 contractual, regulatory or personal advantage.

JVK Management and FIDI will not tolerate Bribery
  Corruption, bribery or attempted bribery is unacceptable. This applies whether offering a bribe, or
 accepting a bribe. It is against our core values of conducting business to the highest legal, moral and
 ethical standards.

  Bribery and corruption are covered by various international laws and statutes. These laws
 require companies, including FIDI Affiliates, to have rigorous, pro-active measures in place to detect and
 prevent corrupt practices.

ABC Charter Statement
  We, as FIDI Affiliates, commit to legal and ethical behavior and refrain from doing anything that will
 harm the interests of JVK, FIDI and its affiliates, clients or corporate accounts, supply providers. JVK,
 FIDI and its Affiliates, will take steps to ensure they are fully aware of applicable regulations and will
 monitor their employees and business partners to ensure full and continual compliance.

Legal compliance
  JVK and FIDI Affiliates will ensure that they are aware f all applicable laws countering bribery and
 corruption in all the jurisdictions in which they operate, and that they will obey and uphold those laws.

  We, as a FIDI Affiliated company, have to ensure that we are aware of, and are complying with,
 applicable laws.

Ethic behavior
  As a demonstration of is commitment, FIDI and its Affiliates will act professionally, fairly and with the
 utmost integrity in all business dealings and relationships. This will apply wherever they operate.

  We, as a FIDI Affiliated company, have to ensure that we are aware of, and are complying with a
 zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption.

Commitment to the values of FIDI
  This ABC Carter is formally integrated in the FAIM Quality Standard 3.1
  By agreeing and committing to this Charter, JVK and all FIDI Affiliates, undertake to:

  1. Never engage in any form of cartel, bribery, either directly or through and third party.
  2. Never offer or make an improper payment, or authorize an improper payment (cash or otherwise) to
    any individual, including any local or foreign official anywhere in the world.
  3. Never attempt to induce an individual, or a local or foreign official to act illegally or improperly.
  4. Never offer, or accept, money or anything of value, such as gifts, kickbacks or commissions, in
    connection with the procurement of business or the award of a contract.
  5. Never offer or give any gift or token of hospitality to any public employee or government official or
    representative if there is any expectation or implication for a return favor.
  6. Never accept any gift from any business partner if there is any suggestion that a return favor will be
    expected or implied.
  7. Never facilitate payments to obtain a level of service that would not normally be entitled to.
  8. Never disregard to fail to report any indication of improper payment to the appropriate authorities.
  9. Never induce or assist another individual to break any applicable law or regulation.

  10. This Supply Chain procedure is review at least once a year by JVK Management, update
    when necessary, communicated to Supply Chain and JVK employees, available in our IT
    system as part of internal JVK policies.

    Last update: January 2023